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How a Little Bit of Electricity—Not Drugs—Gave an Invalid His Life Back

In 2011, a desperate middle-aged Bosnian man, homebound and unable to work because of the debilitating pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, participated in a clinical trial in Europe where an implant stimulated his nervous system to reduce the “Inflammatory Reflex” — the physiological response that causes inflammation and excruciating pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Within weeks—a miracle, or so it seemed—he was able to play with his kids and even hit some balls on the tennis court. A new drug? Nope. It was bioelectronics, a revolutionary new approach to treating disease, pioneered by Dr. Kevin J. Tracey, President & CEO,Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, and Senior Vice President of Research at North Shore-LIF Health System.

At Health Tech ’15, Dr. Tracey Reveals All

The idea is that by stimulating the body’s anti-inflammatory mechanism using a bioelectronic implantable device, certain diseases can be treated without drugs, which can be expensive and risky. Bioelectronic medicine, says Dr. Tracey, tells the body to treat itself. Hear more about this amazing protocol when Dr. Tracey delivers the keynote address on Day One of Health Tech ’15: Fueling Innovation in Westchester, the Westchester County Association’s eye-opening and thought-provoking two-day conference, on May 18-19 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY.

“Health Tech ’15 is a chance for Westchester to hear from researchers on the cutting edge, who are going to change the way we are cared for,” said Marissa Brett, president of the Westchester County Association. “It’s an opportunity to learn from the most innovative healthcare and biotech companies in the world, and they happen to be located right here in Westchester.”

Dr. Tracey will talk about his discovery of the Inflammatory Reflex, and how it helped to establish what is now known as bioelectronics medicine, which experts say has the potential to treat everything from cancer to a runny nose-at a lower cost and more safely than pharmaceuticals. Dr. Tracey is also co-founder of SetPoint Medical. Taking a decade of his ground-breaking research, he and his co-founders launched the biomedical technology company to create implantable miniature devices that come with a wireless charger and iPad control application. Technology is revolutionizing medicine. Find out how from the thought leaders, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are leading the way at Health Tech ’15!

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